Get paid to fish at Green Mountain Reservoir

Fishing for Northern PikeI should clarify that statement.  You don't get paid just to fish, you get paid to catch.  But that is the goal when you are fishing, to catch fish, right?  You can't catch just any fish to get paid though, you have to catch Northern Pike.  The regular rules apply for all the other fish, you can still catch them, you just don't get paid for those.

Northern Pike have somehow gotten into Green Mountain Reservoir.  They aren't native to Colorado and therefore create havoc to the native fish and plants we have here.  They devour Colorado's native fish which can throw the entire eco-system out of whack.  Because of this, they have earned the designation of an invasive species.  In an order to save our native fish, the Colorado Division of Wildlife has declared war on them by putting a bounty on their heads, literally.  You will get paid $20 for every head of a Northern Pike you catch in Green Mountain Reservoir and bring to the Heeney Marina.  That could easily make fishing for Northern Pike the best summer job ever!