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4 Must Do's Before Selling

by The Mountain Living Team

Spring in Summit County is when most of the ski areas close, the snow is still falling but the temperatures are getting warm enough it is melting, and owners start to get their homes ready to sell.

Here are 4 things every homeowner should do when preparing their home to sell.

1. Clean Clean Clean - the property you are selling can never be too clean.  A clean property appears well taken care of and buyers don’t get caught up in the dirt and actually look at the property.

2. Freshen Up - A property that has been well used can look it.  You may not see the scuffs on the walls or dirty carpet any more but the buyers will.  They are seeing it with fresh eyes and will notice things you don’t see anymore.  Consider painting in neutral colors, upgrading appliances & replacing or deep cleaning flooring.

3. Upgrade Furnishings - It may be an odd consideration when you’re selling but the furnishings can make a world of difference in how the home is perceived.  Dated furnishings can make an updated home feel dated. New bedding with throw pillows and a bed skirt can make a bedroom feel much more welcoming. Even a new shower curtain or throw pillows on the sofa can help.

4. Declutter - This one is almost always necessary.  The home needs to look like no one lives there.  The toiletries should not be on the bathroom countertop, the family photos and most knick knacks should be packed up and stored elsewhere ready for their new home.  Even the closets should be cleaned out and organized.  The house should look like it easily holds all your things and shouldn’t feel like it’s bursting at the seams.


The Mountain Living Team can help you put your best foot forward.  Call us today.


6 Reasons now is a great time to sell your Summit County home

by The Mountain Living Team

This year the market dynamic is creating new opportunities for sellers.  Don't get left in the dark by not capitalizing on it.

1. A lot of people are in town for Spring Break.  March means an influx of Spring Breakers from all over the country.  Many of our visitors grab magazines and scour the internet for local properties before, during and after their visit.  This is a great time to get a lot of exposure for your property.

2. Competition is still low.  The typical Summit County real estate market has lower levels of inventory during the winter months and more properties for sale in the summer months.  Starting in mid-April, when most ski areas close, sellers start putting their properties on the market and inventory begins to build.

3. Buyers are waiting on the sidelines.  Because inventory levels are extremely low buyers have been struggling to find the right property.  Inventory has been low for a while causing that backlog to grow.

4. Pricing is great.  Most areas and property types have completely rebounded from the recession.  Pricing at or above peak values. 

5. Interest rates are still low.  They have begun ticking up but buyers can still typically get a 30 year fixed loan for a vacation home in the low 4s.  That's a great rate.

6. Better availability of services.  Last summer and fall it was taking 4-5 weeks for appraisers to appraise a property for a loan.  That meant properties were under contract for 60 days when a loan was involved.  Home Inspectors and contractors were also backlogged.  When it takes longer for the service people we need to utilize for the real estate transaction it inevitably means the entire process takes longer.  So far this year timing has improved which translates into a quicker sale.  

If you'd like to sell your Summit County home this year, why wait?  Let us help you get it done now. Contact The Mountain Living Team and get it sold!

Why do I need a real estate agent in a hot market?

by The Mountain Living Team

RealtorWhen the real estate market is hot, homeowners sometimes wonder why they need a real estate agent to sell their home.  An appraisal will tell them the right price.  All they have to do is tell people their home is for sale, maybe put an ad in the paper, and they will have an abundance of buyers.  What they may not be considering is what happens after they find a buyer. 

Usually a home is an emotional purchase.  Buyer and seller will be dealing with their emotions when negotiating price and potential repairs.  Emotion has a tendency to cause problems in negotiations.  What are you going to do if the person on the other side starts to cry?  Or if they are angry and yelling at you?  Your real estate agent is often repositioning the emotion into a constructive element.

Once you’re under contract there are dates and deadlines.  There are lenders and title companies.  There are inspectors and appraisers.  If you’re using a purchase contract approved by the Colorado real estate commission it is long and full of legal jargon that is difficult to decipher.  Having someone on your side to help with all these details is great, especially if something goes awry. 

Your real estate agent does so much more than just put your home in the MLS.  A lot of behind the scenes work goes on in every transaction we handle.  The sale or purchase of your home is often the biggest financial transaction of your life.  Wouldn’t you prefer it be handled by a professional?


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