Summit County is once again encouraging residents to do fire mitigation around their properties.  This summer the county will make its way through neighborhoods chipping up slash piles left at the curb as directed.  If you haven't started to clean up down branches and woody vegetation, don't worry, there's still time.  The county has a schedule and are trying to hit every neighborhood twice to allow ample time for clean up efforts.  

You can pile small branches and other natural vegetation at the edge of the road before the Monday morning your neighborhood is scheduled for a pick up.  The piles must be no bigger than 5'x5'x5' and contain logs no larger than 12" in diameter.  Please don't include willows, cottonwood trees or lumber & other building materials.  If you have more than 20 piles to be chipped, please give the county some advance notice.

With the recent fire scares it seems everyone is embracing the idea of defensible space and are taking full advantage of the program the county is offering.  As a result, the county is running behind schedule.  They have brought on additional crews to catch up and maintain the schedule.  However, if your slash hasn't been picked up by the Sunday evening of your scheduled week, please fill out the appropriate form and let them know.

If you'd like more information on defensible space and protecting your home from wildfires, read our recent blog post Buffalo Mountain Fire and the Lessons Learned.