Do you want a coach or a referee?When you buy or sell real estate in Colorado you have two choices in the relationship you have with your real estate agent. Most agents prefer to be a neutral third party and they like to be Transaction Brokers. They usually won't point out that you have options and will only offer to work with you as a Transaction Broker. In that instance, they are not obligated to do the utmost to work on your behalf, but only owe you honesty and fairness regarding your transaction. Their job is defined as assisting Buyer and/or Seller with the transaction but not working as an advocate for either party. 

Our preference is to represent you as a Buyer's or Seller's Agent. That means that we are your advocate working with your best interest in mind. We must look out for you at the same level we would if we were buying or selling our own property. We love to be a bulldog, working on your behalf. A Transaction Broker must be neutral, meaning that they cannot pass on confidential information on either side. As a Buyer's or Seller's Agent we will tell you about any additional motivation of which we are aware and at the same time, will not reveal your motivations to the other side.

Another way to look at the difference between the relationships is with a sports analogy.  A Transaction Broker is like a referee making sure both sides play by the rules and that we finish the game. A Buyers Agent is like your coach, he's going to do everything he can to help his team win the game.

Would you prefer to have a coach or referee for your real estate transaction?