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Big Announcement from The Mountain Living Team

by The Mountain Living Team

Jason and Meredith Adams are moving to a new location in Frisco and are no longer part of Coldwell Banker. The Mountain Living Team is setting out on a new and exciting adventure with their own company; Mountain Living Real Estate!  They will be in their new office, still located on Main Street, as soon as the renovations are completed. This venture allows the team to fully develop their real estate company into the vision they see; exceptional client centered services that exceed expectations, promotion of their listings with a mix of traditional and new innovative tactics, spot on market information allowing clients to make informed decisions, and that small town charm that is often lacking in large corporations.

Once the new office at 101 Main Street in Frisco is set up they will be inviting everyone out for a grand opening celebration.  In the meantime Jason & Meredith are still available for all your Summit County and surrounding area real estate needs. You can still contact the team the way you always have via their email, cell phone or the business phone 888-666-0844. You will still get the high level of service and everything you have come to expect from the team but with a new sense of freedom allowing them to grow further in the community and become even better for years to come!

Jason & Meredith also extend a special thanks to all of  their clients:

We consider you our Mountain Living Family; our wonderful past and present clients! Your loyalty to us through the years as shown with your involvement in our client appreciation events, repeat business and many referrals which has been a big part in growing the Mountain Living Family and bringing us to where we are today. So thank you all and we look forward to continuing to take great care of each and every one of you!


The Mountain Living Team is proud to congratulate Jason Adams for being named to Coldwell Bankers International President’s Circle.  This membership is awarded to the top 5% of all sales associates/representatives world wide in the Coldwell Banker system.  This announcement was a little late coming but is an accomplishment that shouldn’t go overlooked. 

Jason was not only in the top 5% in 2012, he also premiered on HGTV’s House Hunters.  Jason filmed an episode of the hit show while helping Mike and Sean find a log cabin in Summit County.  If you missed it during it’s originally airing in 2012, don’t worry, he’s back on periodically in reruns.  The next episode is this Sunday, October 20th on HGTV at 6PM Eastern Time.  You can also watch House Hunters visit Summit County online any time you like.


Selling your Copper Mountain Property

by Jason Adams

We were recently presented with the question, what is the benefit to listing with the Mountain Living Team over a Realtor at Copper Mountain?Frisco historic cabin

So we first asked ourselves, does our location being in Frisco hurt our sellers? The answer would have to be a very strong NO! Anyone who is familiar with skiing or staying at Copper Mountain recognizes Frisco as Copper’s town; after all they’re in the same zip code. Also being involved with Copper’s Ambassador program for several years, it’s 6 this year, we’ve had the opportunity to spend countless hours with guests and owners, many of them have commented how they take advantage of how close Frisco is to expand on what’s available to them here at Copper Mountain.  Although Copper does have some high quality dining and entertainment establishments, their selection is somewhat limited. This is where Frisco comes in adding to the overall flavor of Copper Mountain, increasing the dining options and providing the historic charm of the downtown area, which happens to be where our office is located, right in historic downtown Frisco.

A seller might think there is more traffic at the resort during ski season so there will be a greater opportunity for a buyer to find their property. Based on our experience this couldn’t be further from the truth. We have found year after year that people come into town during ski season for vacation; they believe they will look at real estate but when they get here realize they are only in town for a short time and they’re here on a family vacation. Not to mention figuring in the cost of lift tickets people want to get their monies worth on the ski slopes. So even when we have people who have scheduled themselves to look at property  more times than not we are rescheduling them to look in the summer when they will be back in town and have more time.  The other challenge that slows down even the most committed buyers from looking at real estate when they’re in town on their ski vacation is the availability of the properties. More times than not, people vacation during the busiest times of the ski season and those are the times when ski properties are pushing 100% rental occupancy and are much more challenging to show.

Historically at Copper Mountain more properties go under contract in the late summer and even more in the fall. This uptick in real estate activity isn’t reflected in the villages at Copper. Summer and fall are a much slower time around Copper Mountain and other than the golfers enjoying Copper Creek and the occasional weekend event, at times it can feel like a ghost town.  At the same time tourists flock into Frisco as well as the other towns in Summit County to escape the heat from wherever it is they live and to partake in all the summer activities as well as all the festivities. For those that are in the market they also use this time to find their mountain retreat or perfect ski property.

Passage Point Ext2 cropWhat we believe is important when looking for an agent to sell your Copper Mountain property.

Market knowledge – Just knowing the Copper market isn’t enough. Your agent needs to know the Summit County market as a whole to know how things are trending. Knowing what’s happening in Keystone and Breckenridge gives us an upper hand on the Copper market. We know the differences between the resorts and can always be quick to point out the benefits Copper offers.

Experience – The Mountain Living Team has been helping people buy and sell properties at Copper Mountain for over a decade.

Strong Marketing – The Mountain Living Team puts a great deal of money and effort into marketing our listings and getting them maximum exposure. We market both locally and nationally through a strong internet presence and through print publications such as real estate magazines and post cards to perspective buyers along with publishing our own real estate newspaper that reaches over 5000 people four times a year.

Strength in Numbers – As our name would imply The Mountain Living Team is a team of three licensed real estate agents. When you work with our team you get three agents instead of one working to achieve your goals. That’s three times the effort going into selling your property.

Location & Branding – The Mountain Living Team has been established longer than most real estate companies in Summit County, let alone in Copper Mountain. We also have the support and worldwide recognition of the Coldwell Banker brand. The Coldwell Banker brand also sells more luxury real estate in Colorado than any other real estate company.

*This is a sample of what we offer. Please contact us for more in depth information.

Bottom Line, how did the Mountain Living Team stack up against the top sales agents at Copper Mountain in 2012?  Unfortunately we weren’t number one but there were only 9 more residential listings sold between us and the top selling listing agent. *Number does not reflect all listings sold by the Mountain Living Team in 2012; it only reflects the number of Copper Mountain listings.  Our goal is to keep working towards being the top listing agents at Copper Mountain while still servicing the rest of Summit County and to make sure we meet or exceed our client’s expectations. So we ask you to help us achieve our goals by helping you achieve yours.  Let the Mountain Living Team work for you.

Join The Mountain Living Team at the Romp To Stomp

by Meredith Adams

The Mountain Living Team has joined the Romp to Stomp for the 2nd consecutive year.  Join us as we strap on the snowshoes and romp to stomp out breast cancer at Frisco’s Nordic Center on March 3rd.  It’s a great time for a great cause.   Join our team by visiting our Romp to Stomp page .  If you can’t make it on March 3rd, don’t worry, you can still contribute to the cause.  Visit our team page and pledge your support.

The Romp to Stomp is celebrating it’s 10th year in Frisco.  Having raised over $745,000 with over 15,000 participants the Romp to Stomp hopes to celebrate another great year.  For more information about the event visit the Romp to Stomp website.  Don’t miss your chance to join the largest snowshoe series in the world.

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