Super Bowl LIISuper Bowl LII is here!  Once again we will be watching the Patriots compete, this year against the Eagles.  I'm rooting for the Eagles.  I have no connection to either team but if anybody can knock the Patriots off, let's root for them.  The Patriots have been there too often.  Unless you are a Patriots fan I know you agree with me. The Eagles had a great season and it's pretty amazing they made it this far with their back up quarterback.  Regardless of the outcome, I have to admire both teams for doing what it takes to get this far.  And I don't mean cheating!  I mean working hard, preparing, and having a game plan.  Those same things are exactly what home buyers need to be doing in today's real estate market; working hard, preparing and having a game plan.

Let's face it, anything worth having takes some work.  Buying a home is no exception.  The work starts by making sure your finances are in order.  Think credit, money down, and how much home you can afford.  A good, local lender can help with these items. If you are buying a property out of state, talk to a lender in the same area as the property.  It matters where you play. Loans, even from a national lender, can vary in requirements and restrictions from area to area, just like playing at home or away.

Once your finances are in order your real estate agent can help prepare you for the current market conditions.  Listen to the general climate of the market.  Is there a glut of properties on the market or are there multiple offers?  Are homes selling quickly or do they linger on the market?  Are properties selling for full price or significantly less?  Get your head in the game.

Market conditions will impact your game plan just like your competitor would.  If you are selling a property too, maybe you should buy first and sell after.  Is there a time frame to be conscious of, like with a 1031 Exchange or before ski season?  Put all the pieces together and let's make this happen. 

Mountain Living Real Estate is here to help every step of the way.  We'll work hard with you to make your dreams come true.  Buying a home in Summit County can make you feel like you just won the Super Bowl, even better actually.  The feeling will last much longer than just one year.