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Closing Dates for Summit County Resorts

by The Mountain Living Team

The days are getting longer and the temperatures getting warmer.  We are enjoying spring skiing here!  This time of year always lets us know that the snow won't last much longer.  Most resorts close around mid-April with Loveland and Arapahoe Basin staying open longer.  Here are the closing dates for our local resorts.  Remember these dates are subject to change based on snow conditions.

Breckenridge - April 22
Copper Mountain - April 15
Keystone - April 8
Arapahoe Basin - No date set yet.

Nearby Resorts:
Beaver Creek - April 15
Vail - April 15
Loveland - May 9

Time is short.  Get out there and enjoy the rest of this ski season!

The Ikon Pass could be a gamechanger for ski passes in Summit County

by The Mountain Living Team

Currently there are three passes that will grant you access to all the Summit County ski areas and a few just outside the county border; the Epic Pass, Copper Pass & Loveland Pass.  The Epic Pass offers access to all the Vail Resorts properties.  It includes Breck, Keystone, Vail, Beaver Creek and A-Basin. The Copper Mountain Pass is either a single mountain pass or can be combined with Winter Park & a few days at Steamboat.  The Loveland Pass is just Loveland. Next year there will be a new pass available, the Ikon Pass and it could give Vail Resorts a run for their money.  

The Ikon Pass includes Copper Mountain and 24 or 25 other resorts across the country.  There are 2 options to buy, $599 or $899.For $599 you will get unlimited access with no blackout dates to three Colorado resorts; Copper Mountain, Winter Park and Eldora, Big Bear in California, Blue Mountain & Tremblant in Canada, and Snowshoe in West Virginia. You also get unlimited access with a few blackout dates to three more California resorts plus 5 days at  Steamboat and Aspen Snowmass in Colorado plus Jackson Hole, Deer Valley and several other mountains in the East & in Canada.  The higher price point gives you unlimited access to 12 resorts and 7 days at the remaining 13 resorts.  Passes for kids under 12 are less than $200 and they offer military, college & teen discounts. 

It doesn't replace Epic Pass in Summit County.  There's still only one mountain in the county included but if you plan to take some ski vacations you have a whole lot more options.  I have already heard some people say they will buy this pass instead of the Epic and maybe get a cheaper pass, like the A-Basin/Keystone pass to add some additional Summit County resorts.  

We try and take a ski trip a few hours away every year.  We did Jackson Hole this year, Wolf Creek the year before and Steamboat before that.  Destination trips like that will certainly factor into the pass decision for many people.  

More information about the new Ikon Pass is available on their website.  Passes go on sale March 6th.  Like most passes, these may go up in price the longer you wait to buy. #IkonPass

The Winter Olympics is Summit County, Colorado and then some.

by Meredith Adams

Photo courtesy of winter Olympics start today!  So many of the winter sports are some of the things we do every day here in Summit County.  Things like alpine and cross country skiing, snowboarding, & riding the rails & the half pipe.  We also have many of the past, present & future Olympians pass through town as they compete in their specific events hosted at our local ski resorts.  Many of us have had the opportunity to watch these amazing athletes compete in person.   

Sports are always more interesting to watch when you have an understanding of the game and can understand the strategies and skills involved.  Lindsey Vonn skis slalom at around 80 mph.  We don't generally clock ourselves skiing but with an app on his phone, my husband clocked his speed down one really fast run to see how fast he could ski.  He said he was going just over 50 mph.  There's no way I would have wanted to or could have kept up.  Based on that, I'm guessing, at my fastest ever I may hit 30 mph, maybe.  Lindsey Vonn goes 80.  Knowing what 30 feels like gives me so much more appreciation for not only what she does, but how fast she does it.  

I have a better appreciation for those athletes that ride the half pipe, getting amazing air and doing tricks.  I have skied the half pipe.  I don't get air and I don't even get close to the top of the pipe.  The momentum you get going from one side to the other is so amazing.  The steep and icy sides that are so high are absolutely crazy.  If you haven't taken a run down the half pipe, you should put it on your bucket list.  At Copper Mountain, if there isn't an event or practice happening, anyone can ride the pipe.  I urge you to go down it.  Go only as high up the sides as you feel comfortable.  Feel the speed you build as you slide from one side of the pipe to the other.  Notice how the sides tower over you.  Understand the control & skill these athletes must possess to fly beyond the top, spin around in the air, and land back on the steep sides without wiping out.  

Woodward at Copper MountainWhile you're at it, give some of the other Olympic sports a try.  If you've got the guts, check out Woodward at Copper Mountain.  There you can safely launch yourself off a ramp, do an in air trick, and land in a foam pit, all while strapped into your skis or board.  Or go a little milder and strap on the skinny skis and head out into the woods or to one of the local Nordic Centers.  There is one in Keystone, Frisco and Breckenridge.  You may be amazed how different it is from alpine skiing, and appreciate how much energy you exert just to go across a long, flat stretch.  

Summit County offers the opportunities to enjoy all these winter activities and so much more.  The fun to be had in both winter and summer is endless.  Get out and enjoy yourself in Summit County.  You'll be glad you did.

Be ready to win the Super Bowl

by The Mountain Living Team

Super Bowl LIISuper Bowl LII is here!  Once again we will be watching the Patriots compete, this year against the Eagles.  I'm rooting for the Eagles.  I have no connection to either team but if anybody can knock the Patriots off, let's root for them.  The Patriots have been there too often.  Unless you are a Patriots fan I know you agree with me. The Eagles had a great season and it's pretty amazing they made it this far with their back up quarterback.  Regardless of the outcome, I have to admire both teams for doing what it takes to get this far.  And I don't mean cheating!  I mean working hard, preparing, and having a game plan.  Those same things are exactly what home buyers need to be doing in today's real estate market; working hard, preparing and having a game plan.

Let's face it, anything worth having takes some work.  Buying a home is no exception.  The work starts by making sure your finances are in order.  Think credit, money down, and how much home you can afford.  A good, local lender can help with these items. If you are buying a property out of state, talk to a lender in the same area as the property.  It matters where you play. Loans, even from a national lender, can vary in requirements and restrictions from area to area, just like playing at home or away.

Once your finances are in order your real estate agent can help prepare you for the current market conditions.  Listen to the general climate of the market.  Is there a glut of properties on the market or are there multiple offers?  Are homes selling quickly or do they linger on the market?  Are properties selling for full price or significantly less?  Get your head in the game.

Market conditions will impact your game plan just like your competitor would.  If you are selling a property too, maybe you should buy first and sell after.  Is there a time frame to be conscious of, like with a 1031 Exchange or before ski season?  Put all the pieces together and let's make this happen. 

Mountain Living Real Estate is here to help every step of the way.  We'll work hard with you to make your dreams come true.  Buying a home in Summit County can make you feel like you just won the Super Bowl, even better actually.  The feeling will last much longer than just one year.

What's on the horizon for 2018's real estate market?

by The Mountain Living Team

2017 was a good year for real estate.  Both prices and demand were up and inventory down from 2016.  2018 will continue to be more of the same. With the potential for higher interest rates that will put added strain on affordability, 2018 may see a slight slowing in demand and pricing.  However, the seller's market will continue.

Unexpected events may curtail the real estate market's trajectory but I think odds are low.  Even though prices are high now, by this time next year I expect them to be even higher.  I'm not sure how long we will sustain the uphill climb but I think we have at least one more year of it.

CNN sees the same things for the national real estate market.


Dillon Ice Castles - Fun for all ages!

by Meredith Adams

Dillon Ice CastleLast night we decided to check out the Ice Castle in Dillon with some friends.  It has been advertised like crazy and sounded like it could be pretty cool.  It only lasts as long as weather permits so we thought we should go now.  We were originally thinking we'd go in March when we have some family in town but it's been a warm winter and it may not last.

We bought our tickets online prior to going.  We found a coupon code that saved us a couple more bucks.  Try happykids in the promo code box.  Tickets are for a specific time frame when they want you to show up.  Once you are there you can stay as long as you'd like.  I'd recommend wearing your ski gear.  It's cold and if you make the most of it, you'll be sitting on, crawling over, and touching a lot of ice. 

They told us the ice castle is on about an acre of land.  They even gave us a map to navigate our way around it.  They have a room with a hot tub that squirts water into the air.  They have colored lights that are spectacular on the ice formations. There are a couple of slides and a few tunnels you can go through.  It's a great place for the kids to play and it brought out the kid in me.  I belly crawled into a couple caverns and tried out both slides and of course, took quite a few pictures.

It's an interesting experience that I would recommend.  It's a little pricey for what it is but what isn't these days.  

Summit County 2017 - Year in Review

by The Mountain Living Team

Another year is behind us.  That means it's time to look back and reflect on the previous year and then think about what the next year will look like.  In the Summit County real estate market 2017 was an active year and my initial thoughts are 2018 will continue with more of the same.  Let's take a deeper look into the 2017 numbers and see how we came to those conclusions.

2017 residential sales were up 5.4% over 2016 with 1984 sales in Summit County.  Monthly sales fluctuated with some months better than 2016 and others falling short.  Overall the increases won out.

2017 had $1,385,947,000 in residential sales.  That's up 23% from 2016's sales volume of $1,124,067,000. Some of that increase came from a 46.6% bump in the number of sales over $1million.  In 2016, sales at $1million or more only made up 11.8% of the total sales.  In 2017 that number jumped to 16.5%.  In fact, the 70 sales at $2million or more nearly doubled the 38 sales in 2016.  

Average residential sales price in 2017 was $698,562 That is a 17% increase from $596,006 in 2016.  The increase in higher end sales certainly impacted the average sales price but values increased across the board.

The number of cash buyers in the market is about the same year over year at just under one third of all buyers.  The low interest rates continue to make borrowing more attractive, even to those that have the means to pay cash.

59.8% of homes sold in the first 30 days in 2017.  Homes were still selling quickly in 2016 with 54.8% under contract within 30 days.

Summit County has been suffering with low inventory for a couple of years now.  We currently have just 319 homes on the market in the entire county.  That's only a 2 month supply on average.  A balanced market would see about a six month supply.  We are definitely in a strong Seller's Market.

Condos and townhomes made up 63.8% of the residential sales in the county.  Currently, they only make up 41.3% of the inventory.

Low inventory is going to be the strongest force driving the 2018 market.  If inventory levels continue in similar fashion in 2018, we can expect prices to continue to increase.  There is still demand, even now during a typically slower time of year.  There is no indication that demand will slow into the coming year.

Comfortable Ski Boots? Have you seen these boots by Apex?

by Meredith Adams

Comfortable Ski BootsJason & I had finished skiing for the day, sat down on a bench at the base area of Copper Mountain to put our cat tracks on our boots when we ran into another skier that was calling it a day.  He sat down next to Jason and proceeded to take his ski boots off.  It only required unhooking a couple of buckles and he stepped out of a ski boot frame but remained in boots that looked like snowboard boots.  He connected a strap to the ski boot frames and was ready to throw them over his shoulder and head out.  

It turns out the boots he was wearing were Apex ski boots.  The gentleman said he has type 2 diabetes and as a result has a lot of problems with his feet.  If it wasn't for these boots, he may have had to give up skiing.  He continued to tell us how comfortable and warm the boots are and that they are even easy to put on.  The outer frames connect to your skis just like any other boots so no special bindings are required.  That day he was trying out the high performance boots which run around $899.  Other versions of the boots are available as well.  He was definitely a raving fan of these boots.  

Apparently there is an Apex Demo Center in the Denver Metro area.  According to this skier, they offer a week long demo for $100.  You can then apply your demo money towards your purchase if you decide to buy.  

The thought of comfortable, warm ski boots that are easy to walk in before and after you ski is intriguing. These boots also make hike to terrain and back country options sound much better than hiking in my current ski boots or carrying ski boots as I snowshoe up the mountain.  When the time comes for new ski boots, these Apex boots are going to be on my list as an option to try.

Radon is a real concern, even in Summit County

by The Mountain Living Team

Radon gas is an invisible, odorless gas that is naturally occurring in our environment.  It dissipates in the air so, in general, it is harmless.  The danger occurs when it gets trapped in spaces like our home and builds up.  You and your family could be breathing in radon gas and you wouldn't even know it.  

In Summit County, the cost to mitigate a home can run around $1500-2000.  It is a relatively simple fix that just exhausts that trapped air & radon gas out into the air where it can dissipate.  A vapor barrier is typically installed in crawl spaces to try and limit the intrusion of the gas into the home as well.  

A home buyer has an opportunity to test for radon during a home inspection and, if the levels are high, can request the seller pay for the radon mitigation.  A machine that takes hourly readings will be put in the home for about 48 hours.  It provides immediate data and  costs around $150.  If you already own your home and don't need a test that provides quick results, you can buy a test kit at the local hardware store and mail it off for the results.  If you prefer, Summit County will provide a free radon test kit to homeowners. You can pick one up at the Environmental Health Department in the  County Commons building on Peak One Drive in Frisco.

Remember, if you have tested for radon in your home, those results must be disclosed to potential buyers when it comes time to sell.  If your test results are above 4.0 pCi/L the EPA recommends mitigation.  A couple of companies in Summit County to mitigate radon are Summit Radon Solutions 970-470-3613 and Ace Radon 970-453-2435. They will provide you with a free estimate & a limited warranty on their work. 

Frisco Prime; a new restaurant in Frisco, Colorado

by Meredith Adams

The sign has gone up but the doors are still closed.  I haven't heard when the new restaurant will be open for business but I will be keeping an eye on it!

According to some history on OpenTable and the Summit Daily, the back bar of the Blue Spruce building was built in Brunswick, New York, around 1860 before being transported to Denver.  It was taken by wagon to Black Hawk where it was part of the Royal Flush Saloon.  At some point, it was dismantled, brought to Summit County and re-assembled.  The Blue Spruce Inn opened in 1940 near Farmer's Corner.  It moved to it's present location in 1974.  2017 brings yet another chapter to this decades long story when the Blue Spruce closed.  We are anticipating the opening of Frisco Prime in 2018.

Frisco Prime is rumored to have the same owner's as Vinny's, an Italian restaurant just down the street.  I don't know if that rumor is true but the V on the Frisco Prime sign makes me think it could be accurate.

#FriscoPrime #FriscoColorado

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