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Mt Royal hike

by Joanne Hanson

On Tuesday, June 13th we hiked Mt Royal, above Frisco. It was a warm day, and once you reach Masontown and continue up to the Summit, the hike gets steep, so we were feeling the temperature! It is a bit of a slog up the hill for a while, but once you reach the Mt Royal summit turnoff, it eases up a bit. If you continue on the trail without turning off, you will go to the top of Mt Victoria, or possibly even Peak One. At the top of the Mt Royal trail you will find a large cairn, and after you add your rock to the pile and admire the view, follow the trail to the right past a couple of old limber pines down the hill for a little bit. To really be able to say that you have hiked Mt Royal you need to go to the second summit. The trail will go uphill again to what seems to be a big rockpile. It is actually the rock outcropping that is so visible from Frisco. Here you can rest and admire the fabulous view of the lake and the Continental Divide.

One you are rested and think about your return, follow the trail back the way you came. Taking what looks like the “easy way” downhill, will take you to some precarious spots and you are putting yourselves in some danger. The little uphill back to the first summit makes you appreciate the rest of the hike, which is downhill all the way. We did the hike in about 3 and a half hours for the four miles roundtrip, so we are not the fastest hikers in the world, but for four women over 50, we did ok! What we lack in speed we make up for in stamina.

Interest rate review

by Joanne Hanson

In Freddie Mac Primary Mortgage Mkt Survey (for the week ending June 9) in which the 30-yr fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) avg. 6.62%, down from last week’s avg. of 6.67%. Last year at this time, the 30-yr FRM avg. 5.56%.

The avg. for the 15-yr FRM is 6.23%, down from last week’s avg. of 6.26%. A year ago, the 15-yr FRM avg. 5.14%.

Five-year Treasury-indexed hybrid adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) avg. 6.20%, down from last week when it avg. 6.26%. A year ago, the five-year ARM avg. 5.01%.

One-year Treasury-indexed ARMs avg. 5.63%, down from last week when it avg. 5.68%. At this time last year, the one-yr ARM avg. 4.21%.

This information is courtesy of Mountain Equity Mortgage in Summit County, Colorado.

Hiking the North Ten Mile Trail

by Joanne Hanson

On June 7th, Marie, Eileen, Ruth, Mahea,her dog Chloe and I hiked the North Ten Mile trail. The wildflowers are blooming already and it was a beautiful day. We hiked about 8 miles altogether.

The end of the trail is about 3.5 miles from the trailhead, but we weren’t ready to finish, so we decided to go a little way toward Uneva Pass on the Gore Trail. However the river is high with snow melt and we were unable to cross it. Instead we took the Gore Trail the other direction, toward Eccles Pass and climbed the first couple of switchbacks before we ran out of time.

It was good we turned around when we did as the last ten minutes of hiking back to our cars was accompanied by thunder and lightning, although the rain held off until we were actually in our cars. It was a good hike! Next week we will be doing Mount Royal, which will have some great lake views. I will be taking my camera.

The first post on our new blog!

by Joanne Hanson

Welcome to Summit County, Colorado. We are home to four major ski areas, miles of bike trails and hiking trails and other incredible recreation opportunities. Breckenridge, Keystone, Copper Mountain and Arapahoe Basin are no more than 20 minutes from anywhere in the county. Our elevation in Frisco is 9000′ so our winters are snowy and summers are wonderful!

I am a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Colorado Rockies Real Estate and my goal is to be a resource to my clients and members of the community. Among other things, I provide names and phone numbers of moving companies, cleaning people, painters, home inspectors and doctors. I give restaurant reviews, directions, recommend good hikes, ski runs, art galleries and take photographs. I also help people buy and sell real estate, whether it be second home, investment property or a primary residence.

I have a team of people who work with me to assure great service for our clients, which also allows all of us some time off so that we can have fun too! After all, that is why we live here. My plan is to post on this blog every couple of days and get your input so that we can all be a resource and have a little fun in the process. Please let me know what you would like to see posted here.


Displaying blog entries 291-294 of 294




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