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Additional Summit County info and Important Phone Numbers.


Summit County has experienced a dramatic increase in the full-time residential population over the past decade. In 1990, there were 12,881 residents in Summit County. That number has nearly doubled to a total of 24,537 people in all areas of Summit County in the year 2000.

Of the 24,537 people in our community, 14,392 live in unincorporated areas of Summit County and approximately 12,145 reside within the incorporated towns of the county.

The majority of these individuals are between the ages of 25-59 with the highest population segment being between the ages of 30 and 45.


Summit County has state, county and transit taxes, and most of the individual towns are governed by additional taxes. As you can see below, the taxes vary depending on where you shop, reside, or rent lodging.

Tax Summary

State Tax: 2.9%
County Tax: 2.0125%
Transit Tax: 0.75%

Town Taxes

Frisco, Dillon and Silverthorne: .2.0%
Breckenridge: 2.5%

Accommodations Tax

Breckenridge: 2.4%
Dillon and Silverthorne: 2.0%
Frisco: 2.35%

Additional charges may apply at resort lodging companies.

Summit County Property Taxes

The Assessor’s Office is responsible for the valuation and assessment of all taxable real and personal property in Summit County. The property valuations reflect the level of value as established by cost, market, and income data. Answers to specific questions regarding Property taxes can be obtained by calling the Summit County Assessor’s Office at 970-453-2561 ext. 285.


Summit County’s high elevations and Colorado’s perennially sunny skies result in a warm, comfortable climate during the day. The temperature may register colder than the air feels due to the intensity of the sun at this altitude. When the sun goes down, the seasons change.

Evenings bring a dramatic change in wearing apparel, plan on a sweater or jacket year-round. Mornings are usually crisp and clear. Afternoon showers are common during the summer months. Most snowfall occurs during the evening hours.

Important Phone Numbers

Emergency 911

Fire Departments

Lake Dillon Fire Authority
 (970) 513-4100

Red, White and Blue Fire Protection (Breckenridge)
 (970) 453-2474

Colorado State Patrol
 (970) 668-3133

Road Conditions
 (970) 668-1090

Avalanche Information
 (303) 275-5360

Poison Control
 (800) 332-3073

American Red Cross
 (970) 262-0530

Advocates for Victims of Assault
 (970) 668-3906

Police Departments

 (970) 453-2941

 (970) 468-6078

 (970) 668-3579

 (970) 262-7320

Summit County Sheriff
 (970) 668-8600


Gas & Electric

Xcel Energy
 (800) 895-4999


 Home Line: (800) 222-0300
 Business Line: (800) 222-0400
 Service Repair: (800) 222-3000

 Home Line: (800) 244-1111
 Business Line: (800) 603-6000
 Service Repair: (800) 573-1311


AT&T Broadband
 (970) 468-2222

Classic Cable (Breckenridge)
 (800) 999-6845

 (888) 824-4010


Direct TV
 (800) 280-4388

Trash Service

Summit Recycling Center
 (970) 668-5703

Snowy Peak Trash & Recycling
 (970) 668-0659

Talking Trash
 (970) 389-0101

Waste Management
 (970) 468-2475

Water and Sewer

Blue River Water District
 (970) 453-3173

Breckenridge Sanitation District
 (970) 453-2723

Dillon & Silverthorne
 (970) 468-6152

Frisco Water Dept
 (970) 668-1465

DMV/Voter Registration

The Department of Motor Vehicles is open for service Monday through Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm.


37 Peak One Drive
 Frisco, CO
 (970) 668-5623

Driver’s License

(970) 668-5015

Voter Registration

Deadlines to register to vote in the November elections are in early October. Voters can register when renewing their drivers’ license or by visiting individual town hall locations. However, if you reside in Breckenridge, you’ll need to register at the Clerk and Recorder’s office in the County Courthouse.


Main Branch
 37 Peak One Drive, Frisco
 (970) 668-5555

North Branch
 651 Center Circle, Silverthorne
 (970) 468-5887

South Branch
 504 Airport Road, Breckenridge
 (970) 453-6098



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